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What You Need To Know When Comparing Cars

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Comparing Cars in Today's Market

Knowing how to compare cars for sale is the key to finding a great deal. Whether shopping for used cars at dealerships or perusing local ads for private owners selling cheap cars, be prepared to invest time and get dirty. For each vehicle under consideration, there will be paperwork to review. Each car will have to be looked over carefully, then taken for a test drive before the final choice is made.

Get Documentation

Follow the paper trail of each of the used cars under consideration. Get the vehicle report associated with the vehicle identification number (VIN) with each of the cars. That report provides valuable information, such as if a vehicle has been declared totaled by an insurance company or had a salvage title. Ask to review any maintenance records the vehicle owners may have available for insight into the condition of a vehicle and how well its maintenance and repair needs have been met.

Visual Inspection

One common concern about cheap cars is the potential that owners may not be forthcoming about mechanical or structural problems. There are some things to look for to help decide whether a low price is a warning sign or simply a good deal. Look for uneven wear patterns on tires, which can indicate front end or alignment problems. Open the hood and look for cracks in the engine block and signs of a damaged head gasket, such as foamy or discolored oil when the dipstick is pulled. If the engine has lots of crusty oil build-up, there may be a serious oil leak. Look underneath the vehicle for mud clots and old grass or leaves to see if it's been in a flood or used hard off-road. Check for water damage on all carpeting, including the cargo area.

Focused Test Driving

Make sure all safety equipment is operative, including lights, seat belts and windshield wipers. Test all windows for smooth operation. Drive a route that includes highway driving, stop-and-go city driving, smooth roads and bumpy roads. Take note of the feel and sound of the vehicle in motion, including how it moves through the gears, how the brakes function and the noise and feel of the engine as it runs at different speeds.

Ready To Decide

Lifestyle can impact which cars for sale are best suited for a given driver. A driver living in the city, where everything is just a few miles away, is likely to have different needs than a driver living in a rural area with an hour-long daily commute over winding mountain roads. Choose the car best able to meet daily driving needs while still falling within the right price category.

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Once I have chosen a car where can I go to buy it?

Once you've decided on a car we automatically send you the locations of the closest dealerships that have your car.

Do you offer car insurance comparison as well?

Absolutely. We offer a ride range of insurance comparisons from premium insurers.

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Our team works around the clock to ensure that you are always shown the best, most current prices for different models of cars.

Can I compare used cars as well?

Once you know the features you are looking for in a car just enter them into our comparison tool and we will help you find options, regardless of whether the car is new or used.

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